Join the tribe of data-driven nerds with nerves to do things differently.

At BeyondAds, we're passionate about building today's consumer brands.
And we can't do it alone, so we seek like-minded data enthusiasts to fuel brand growth. Exciting, right?

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Data-Driven Decision

Unlock success by leveraging data insights to drive strategic and informed decisions at every step.

People-First Focus

Supportive, inclusive environment prioritizing work-life balance and your well-being.

Founders' Access

Directly collaborate with visionary founders, learn from expertise, contribute to growth.

Fresh Perspectives

Join a vibrant team of young minds, fostering innovation, creativity, and diverse perspectives.

Powerhouse Brands

Join an exhilarating journey, work with exciting brands, contribute to growth.

Hybrid Work

Experience hybrid work in remote flexibility, in-person collaboration, best of both worlds.

Perks at Beyond Ads .

We are people-first in our approach
and we run the day with
good gifs and lame puns.

In house Workshops

Engage in enriching in-house workshops where you can enhance your skills and stay updated with industry trends.

Personal Mentorship

Receive personalized mentorship from experienced professionals to guide your career growth and maximize your potential.

Cutting-Edge Technology and AI Tools

Utilize the latest technology and advanced AI tools to drive innovation and achieve exceptional results.

12 -Day Privileged Leave

Enjoy the freedom to explore and rejuvenate with 12-day privileged leave for travel, allowing you to create memorable experiences.


Foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration through regular team hangouts, where ideas are shared and bonds are strengthened.

Know the founding team

Faces that fuel brilliance with unique expertise, shaping
core services and driving our success.

Bhuvanesh Shastri

CRO Specialist

Passionate CRO Specialist with a keen eye for optimizing user experiences and driving conversions, utilizing data-driven strategies for exceptional results.

Krishna Gupta

Google & Amazon Specialist

Seasoned Brand Strategist and Performance Marketing Enthusiast specializing in Google Ads and Amazon Ads, leveraging expertise to drive results

Chandra Bhanu

Facebook Ads Specialist

Dynamic Marketing Specialist and CRM Maestro adept in Facebook Ads, harnessing its power to fuel impactful campaigns and drive business growth

Calling All Data-Driven Enthusiasts!
Explore Exciting Opportunities at

Facebook Media Buyer

Drive exceptional results as a data-driven Facebook Media Buyer. Optimize campaigns and leverage insights to maximize advertising effectiveness on the platform.

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Amazon Media Buyer

Unleash the power of data-driven e-commerce as an Amazon Media Buyer. Utilize analytics and targeting strategies to propel brands to new heights on Amazon.

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Google Media Buyer

Achieve remarkable results as a data-driven Google Media Buyer. Optimize campaigns and leverage Google Ads to drive success for our clients.

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interview process like?

We like to keep it simple with our
3 step process for hiring


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A comprehensive form that helps us assess your expertise & skill set. Don't forget to flex about your achievements.



We do a discovery call along with assigning you an assignment.


Offer Letter

In a brief 60-minute call, we'll review your assignment together. If all goes well, you'll receive an offer letter within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Question

How long is the hiring process?
Our hiring process typically takes 8 to 15 days, considering the number of applicants and role complexity.

Can I connect with the founders before applying?
Absolutely! Reach out to us at to directly connect with our founders. We value open communication.

Is there a probation period?
Yes, a 3 to 6-month probation period allows mutual assessment and growth opportunities based on job profiles and qualifications.

How are salary hikes determined?
Salary hikes consider qualifications, performance during the learning period, and surpass industry standards at BeyondAds.

What do you look for when hiring?
We value prior D2C experience, but equally important are behavioral aspects and a hunger for learning and growth.

What growth opportunities exist at BeyondAds?
We foster a flat hierarchy, providing growth opportunities based on performance. Good work leads to better accounts, bigger budgets, and exciting projects.

What kind of projects do you work on?
Exclusively D2C projects. We work with a limited number of 30 brands at a time, ensuring dedicated focus and attention.

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