A team of hustlers who loves data, consumer brands & dog gifs.

Why do we do, what we do? Because building great brands with exceptional entrepreneurs and team members is immensely satisfying. Period.

Imagine a team of proficient advisors continually enhancing your store's performance. Now stop imagining and continue reading.

The team.

An agency which was started with shared love for entrepreneurship and hustling.

Chandra Bhanu

Expert in Meta Advertising & CRM

Bhuvanesh Shastri

Expert in CRO & Business Development

Krishna Gupta

Expert in Google & Amazon Advertising


Chief Happiness Officer


Chief Customer Success Officer

Core Values



We prioritize honesty in our interactions with clients and team members, which empowers us to make ethical decisions and do what's right.



While we may not always control the outcome, we believe in maintaining discipline, diligence, and consistency in our efforts to achieve results.


Driven by Purpose

Our driving force is the purpose of creating value, particularly through the noble cause of building consumer brands, with people who are passionate about building legendary brands.


Unwavering Enthusiasm

We acknowledge that challenges will arise, and the odds may be against us. However, we approach our work with unwavering enthusiasm and high energy, enabling us to tackle obstacles with the right attitude.

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