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Google Growth Audit

Not happy with your google ROAS? Create an ROI driven audit with us

  • 45 minutes
  • 23,999 Indian rupees
  • Hyderabad

Service Description

Below is a guide on some of the basic areas our highly knowledgable PPC nerds are likely to look at when conducting and constructing your Google Ads Audit: 1. Google Ads Audit (30+ Pages) 2. Executive Summary This will give you a high-level summary of the account and our findings, in easy to understand language that will clearly show the health of your account. 3. Overall Audit Score This should show you at a glance how well your account is doing against the elements reviewed in your Google Ads account. 4. Past 12 Month Deep Dives into Many aspects including Cost, CPA, CPL, CVR, CTR and SIS This highlights, tracks, and reports on the previous 12 months statistics, highlighting the fluctuations and possible areas for improvement. 5. Quality Score Here we lift the lid on how the keywords quality score is and where you could improve it to reduce the Cost Per Clicks you pay . 6. Location Targeting We are constantly shocked at how many accounts we audit where the location setting is not in line with the account objectives. We will highlight it in this section. 7. Ad Scheduling Are your ads showing at the best times and are you saving money by not showing ads at times where your account is not driving ROAS or acceptable CPA's? Here we will deep dive and see if anything for your Ad Scheduling could be improved upon or not. 8. Search Terms Deep Dives into areas such as The Highest Spending search terms should be the cornerstone of regular and ongoing account optimisation - it is not glamorous but can save valuable budget and improve the results you get quickl 9. Ad Extensions Ad Extensions should be optimised regularly to keep on pushing the account forward, Ad Extensions should be in line with the accounts KPIs and improve the CTR and effectiveness of the account. 10. Behavioural Retargeting/Remarketing Testing interaction points offers and much more through funnels and advanced techniques derived from your traffic interaction points with your site can provide brilliant ROAS. 11. Shopping Ads We are shopping ads experts and use our extensive knowledge to offer advice on how you can directly improve your results against your KPIs. Our Google Ads Geeks will complete your audit themselves so it is conducted by humans not computers and will detail how making changes will improve the results you get. It's then up to you on who you decide to do the work (yes, it's that simple).

Contact Details

  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India

    +91 95055 64228

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