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Client: Perfume 247

Services: Google Advertising


Perfume 24X7 is a marketplace for luxury perfumes, with a wide range of imported brands like Gucci, Georgio Armani & YSL. Despite having an excellent product line, the internal team struggled to grow its ROAS and revenue from a stagnant point. 

Key Challenge:

Luxury perfumes is an overcrowded market, where either the brands are directly selling through their websites or have existing marketplace tycoons who have taken over all the potential keywords. The brand can’t afford to have low ROAS because of the limited margins it has on the products. 

Before we came on board, the brand was bleeding money because of unoptimised advertising campaigns. The traffic was coming on the website which had a low conversion rate. The payment gateway was outdated, and the website speed was slow, burning the brand’s ad spend. 

Whenever the brand tried to scale up its revenue with higher ad spend, the ROAS dropped by over 50% 


Our primary agenda was to create an ecosystem that caters to a higher marketing budget. We created a new Shopify store, with better payment gateways and powerful social proof content. The backend of the website was optimised for better page speed. We asked the brand to render the current images to improve the image quality which significantly improved the CTR of our ad campaigns. Google ads rewarded us with lower CPC and now because we were able to convert traffic on a scalable website with optimised content, the conversion % of the website increased to 120% 

We restructured the advertising campaigns for higher efficiency and eventually started increasing ad spends for best performing ads. We constantly optimised our winning keywords to stop the account from bleeding money and pushing the right products. This helped us push more money in the marketing, increasing the revenue consistently. We also optimised traffic channels through SEO to increase the ROAS. 


- CTR - 70% in 3 Months

- Conversion rate - 120% in 3 Months

- ROAS - 42.85% in 3 Months

- Marketing Spends -  77.3% in 3 Months

- Website Traffic - 25% in 3 Months

- Revenue - 120% in 3 Months

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Oye Happy

Service: Google Advertising


Oye Happy is India’s fastest growing gifting and novelty store and has been in the business for almost a half-decade. Their SEO and Google ads were generating the majority of revenue.   

They wanted to capitalize on their marketplace presence and create a new revenue channel. 


Since the brand had a significant presence in the market, their listings were being encroached on by other sellers. 

The majority of their revenue was coming from their brand keywords. 

Product pages were not optimised for better conversions and ad campaigns were bleeding money on wrong keywords. 

The pricing of the products was out of tune and needed to be optimised after a thorough competitors analysis. 

The keywords on which they were spending money were product-focused and not search-friendly. 


Our primary focus was to optimise ads that were bleeding the money to the brand. This significantly reduced the ad spends but the revenue remained the same. Then we started optimising the product page content, with A+ content to derive maximum results from the traffic that was coming on the website. 

The product images were changed for better performance, and the brand content was utilized with the maximum effect on marketing. 

In terms of keywords, we broke it down on categories, occasions and relationship basis. Amazon has become a platform for people to explore new products. Consumers don't search, "Mug gift pack" and instead search “gift for sister on Rakhi”. This helped us figure out new keywords that with lower CPCs. 

We leveraged ASIN targeting and started targeting our competitors.

With this brand, we went beyond ads, we also suggested the products to be shipped in the right states which increased the revenue and decreased the shipping costs on our best sellers. 


- CTR - 100% in 6 Months
- Conversion rate - 80% in 6 Months

- ROAS - 78.5% in  6 Months

- Marketing Spends - 200% in 6 Months

- Revenue - 232% in 6 Months

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